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Avoid Death In the Jungle With Dominic Monaghan

Insect aficionado and star of Wild Things With Dominic Monaghan shares tips for enjoying a rain forest expedition without dying of jungle fever.

Beware of Flesh-Bound Insects
“If you contract botflies, which lay eggs inside your skin, you can lure them out by attaching a piece of bacon to a Band-Aid, placing it on top of the bite, and letting them crawl out of your skin.”
And Flesh-Eating Ones
“Army ants come out in millions, and if you are on the ground and debilitated, they’ll eat you. They respond to movement, so if you’re spotted, stay still.”
Shine a Light on Kicking Ass
“A military-grade pocket flashlight is a great weapon because it’s temporarily blinding and there’s a semi-serrated edge around the bulb, so if an animal attacks you can jam the flashlight into it and give it a good twist.”
Look, But Don’t Touch
“Plant life is brutal. Trees have thorns and spikes, so wear gloves and don’t touch anything you can’t identify, and definitely don’t investigate leaking sap, because it’s usually poisonous.”
Eat Like a Monkey
“A good rule of thumb when you’re out looking for food in the jungle: If the monkeys are eating it, you’ll probably be OK.”

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