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GET FIT: How to Protect Your Neck

Some shoulder exercises will eff up your neck worse than Dracula. Safeguard your head stem with these:


Skip: The Upright Row
Sub in: Front Dumbbell Raise


Stand with feet shoulder width apart, a light dumbbell in each hand. Raise up dumbbell as if pointing straight ahead with your fist. Hold for a beat, then lower. Do 10 on each arm. Do three sets. Tweet about your crush on Taylor Lautner while resting.


Skip: Behind-Head Pull-Down
Sub In: Commando V-Grip Pull-Up


Balance V-grip handlebar on top of the pull-up bar. Pull yourself up so your head is above the left side of the bar. Lower yourself, then pull up so your head is above the right side. If you can do three sets of 10, you’ll be worshiped by all gym rats.