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"How to Be a Gentleman": Do Not Be On Canceled TV Show, For A Start

Poor Johnny Drama just can't catch a break. CBS didn't have much of a gentleman's agreement with Kevin Dillon's new sitcom about a pair of mismatched buddies (which, until now, had never been done before!) and according to The Hollywood Reporter, gave "How to Be a Gentleman" the axe after just three episodes. It was obvious the show was getting to get the shaft when CBS announced they were going to move it from its prime post-"Two and a Half Men" slot to the dreaded sad sack Saturday. So when it was announced over the weekend that the sitcom, which got rejected by critics and viewers alike, got canceled, there were few raised eyebrows. Maybe it's because there's too many better "How" shows out there like "How I Met Your Mother" and "How to Make it in America" or, more likely, that the show itself sucked, but either way, the series will be sent to TV heaven (or hell, depending on what you thought of the sitcom.) Still, rest easy, fired "How to Be" gents: Now you'll get to do very un-gentlemanly things with the ladies of "The Playboy Club", who need some comforting after their show got the can, too. But, don't do anything with the folks from the also-canceled NBC nightmare that was the "comedy" known as "Free Agents". They know what they did!