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How to Beat Your Buddies at the Go-Kart Track!

How to...Beat Your Buddies at the Go-kart Track! by NASCAR Sprint Cup racer AJ Allmendinger.

1. “Slip the track dude a $20. He’ll point you to the fast kart. This is your safest bet, and it almost always works.”

2. “During the race, keep your engine up, don’t move the wheel too much, and try to be smooth through the turns. Don’t even touch the brakes.”

3. “Take a lap to find the blind corners where the track guys can’t see what you’re doing. This is where you’ll make your move.”

4. “Spin out your friends: Let them get three quarters of a length in front of you on the outside. Tap their inside rear tire. Extend middle finger.”

5. “You won! And probably got kicked out. It’s cool. Most amusement parks have my face posted on the wall, too!”