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How To Blow Up A Fat Guy's Stomach

See how the FX guys behind Dredd make slo-mo carnage look so good.


We've said before how much we enjoyed the brutal splatter-fest that was last year's Dredd. That's partly because we're (ok, just me) massive, massive nerds that are huge fans of the original source material (that'd be the satirical-yet-super-violent British comic books, not that terrible 90s adaptation starring Stallone and Rob Schneider), and partly because of the stunning visuals in the movie, related to the fictional narcotic Slo-Mo. A drug that makes you experience the world in slow motion might be a terrible, terrible idea (can you imagine taking it right before going to the bathroom with a nasty chili-and-Guinness hangover?), but it made for a very cool effect, especially when dudes were getting their faces blown inside out. If you're the morbidly curious type (which we are), you'll want to see how they achieved those flesh-rippling-in-the-explosion effects in the behind-the-scenes footage on the DVD. We've got an exclusive sneak peek below - enjoy!



Dredd is out on Blu-Ray on January 8.


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