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How To Get Laid This Summer

Wanna get her attention? Be sure it’s for the right reason.

Get Ass:

Build a good bonfire
“I love a man who can prove his outdoor bona fides by making a raging fire. It harks back to something primitive, which is sexy.”—Livia, 29

Play volleyball
“Blame Top Gun, but I’ll always be turned on by men sweating and grunting on the beach. Unless it’s because they’re out of shape.”—Jana, 30

Roll your shirt-sleeves
“I love when dudes turn up the arms of a long-sleeve shirt. It just looks so sexy-casual-cool.”—Amy, 28

Get Passed:

Coat your nose in white sunblock
“I get it: You don’t want to burn your nose. Do you have to make yourself look like Mr. Potato Head?”—Anne, 25

Funnel beer
“Know what’s not sexy? A dude with a giant tube down his throat. Also, a guy so desperate to get drunk that using a cup isn’t an option.”—Kelly, 31

Boogie board
“I’m down with surfers. But any guy over 15 running into the ocean with a purse-size piece of styrofoam should rethink a few things.”—Lissa, 24