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How to Grill Like a Gangsta

Teflon Don rapper Rick Ross talks about his skillz on the grillz.

The Food
I love steaks. I love blood. A regular grill man cooks wienies. A boss is gonna have that spiraled Italian sausage. But if we’re going to put hot dogs on there, we’re going with the ones with cheese in the middle. I love cheese. One of my favorite specials: Put a little butter, a tilapia fillet, broccoli, and a slice of cheese in some aluminum foil. Wrap it and throw it on the grill.

The Setting
My house has a nice setup outside—if you’ve been to the Delano hotel or the Mandarin or the Raleigh in Miami, my yard's reminiscent of that—a real bunga­low vibe. But every neighborhood also has a certain public park—CB Smith Park in my area—where there’s something about the flavor coming off the grills. They’ve got the burgers to put Burger King out of business.

The Gear
You gotta have the dinosaur claws, the cleavers. That’s how you pat that beef. And in summertime? In Mi-yay-yo you definitely want to rock a pair of shorts and be topless or, at the most, wear a wife-beater under your apron, like a boss.