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How To Kill Time Until "Mad Men" Returns

With the fall television season finally upon us, it's time to celebrate the cool, crisp Autumn weather by staying inside and watching a bevy of new shows and welcoming back our old favorites. Of course, it all feels so bittersweet knowing that "Mad Men" isn't slated to return until 2012 and by then we'll all be dead anyway and we'll never figure out if Don married his new secretary. What?! So, since we've got some ample time to kill until the untouchably great AMC drama comes back, we came up with some things to do to make the wait a little more bearable: 

Re-watch all of season 4, now available to watch on Netflix, particularly the Emmy-nominated ep, "The Suitcase". Jon Hamm can act and vomit like nobody else in the biz. 

Tune in for ABC's 60's-centric "Pan Am". Similar look and, stewardesses!

Give up on the false hope you are January Jones' baby daddy. 

See "Drive" in theaters to get your Christina Hendricks fix. The beauty only makes a brief appearance in the flick, out September 9, but she makes it count. 

Dress well for once already, wouldja?!

Drink scotch. Lots of it. And chain smoke. Preferably at work.