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How To Make a Secret Soup Safe

Hide your valuables in plain sight. And bust out the crackers while you’re at it.

1 empty soup can
1 small glass jar with twist-off cap (marmalade works well)
Paper towels
Can opener
Hot-glue gun

1. Remove the bottom of a soup can. Empty or eat the contents; actually, eat the damn soup. Wash can out and let it dry. Don’t discard the bottom.

2. Make sure the marmalade jar fits inside the can. Empty or eat the contents (peanut butter and a fuckload of jelly, anyone?). Clean it.
3. Wrap a paper towel around the jar so it sits snugly inside the can. 
4. Hot-glue the can bottom to the center of the jar lid.
5. Screw it so bottom of can returns to its original location. It’s complete! Nothing sus­picious about a can of soup in your bedroom.
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