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How to Make Stupidity

123HumanGiant_articlemain.jpgOne thing the stars of Human Giant (Rob Huebel, Paul Scheer, and Aziz Ansari) know for certain is how to make fun of that uniquely American invention. No, not the musical…the douchebag. Though they made their bones working New York City’s alternative comedy circuit, they shot to YouTube stardom and got MTV’s attention because of their short films about cocky assholes. From “Shutterbugs,” a satire aimed at scummy child-actor agents, to “Illusionators,” a spoof of bombastically arrogant magician Criss Angel, no broheim was safe. “We love playing idiots who think they’re the crap, but aren’t at all,” explains Ansari. This tradition continues in season two with “Dude-Bro Junction,” a parody commercial for a cheesy bar where meatheads rule. We went to a New Jersey dive bar to watch them shoot the skit, witnessing firsthand how the guys channel their inner pricks.

Look the Part
Backward baseball caps and bead necklaces help the actors get into character. “If you wear a Dave Matthews shirt, play a little Hacky Sack, and have a tendency toward date rape,” says Huebel, “Dude-Bro Junction is the bar for you.” The guys crack up the crew with improvised dialogue. “I got this T-shirt for $200!” shouts Scheer during one take. “I like talkin’ about my dick!” Huebel replies.

Know Your Movie Quotes
Incessantly quoting movies is fundamental to dumb-ass behavior. Hence, Saturdays are “Borat-urdays,” where every drink ordered in a Borat voice is half-price. In this scene the actors play beer pong and shout, “My wi-i-i-fe!” while wearing black mustaches. In the last take the director instructs them to go off script, which quickly devolves into the actors yelling, “Remember that? From that movie? I said something from that movie!”

Be Casually Racist
Insensitive white dudes can take advantage of another theme night at the Junction, “Me-So-Mondays,” when guys say, “Me so horny!” in funny Asian accents for double Jäger shots. After a rousing shout of the catch phrase, every actor and extra on set stares lasciviously at the lone girl seated at the bar. As the sketch wraps, Huebel apologizes to the young lady, proving the Human Giant guys aren’t really jerks; they only play them on TV.

The second season of Human Giant starts March 11.