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How to (Re)Make Movies!

rated_justRedoIt_articlemain.jpg1. Don’t rewatch the movies.Work from your vague memories. The guys in Be Kind Rewind have to remake a bunch of well-known films, like Ghostbusters and Boyz in the Hood (above), but they don’t rewatch them first. The film you make will be more personal, even if certain things are way off the mark.

2. Use what you’ve got.
I like when technology is handmade. It makes both the filmmaker and the audience more creative. In Be Kind Rewind, we comment on movies like Sin City, where people get shot and make puddles of blood. Whenever anyone gets shot, we stuck a pizza pie on the wall behind them.

3. Don’t overact.
Sometimes actors overact when they do certain characters. It’s going to be bad enough anyway, so just act normal. Even if it’s the worst, that might be the funniest thing to watch. Jack Black and Mos Def really helped each other get this right in our movie, and it was nice to see.

4. Stick it to the man.
Imagine a system where everybody creates their own entertainment and doesn’t have to participate in an economic system to enjoy their spare time. People would re-create scenes using whatever they find and make it their own. That’s the true spirit of the DIYer.