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How to Disarm a Dude Waving a Pool Cue
John Perkins, a Former forensic investigator and the founder of, explains how to avoid getting smacked around like an eight ball.

Step One
Dive in close like a sprinter launching from the starting block, raising your left hand toward his eyes to deflect the strikes. The closer in you are, the weaker his blow will be.


Step Two
As you move in, palm-strike him under the chin with your right hand as if throwing a shot put. This delivers more stopping power and is safer for your hand than a punch.

Step Three
Knee him in the groin or thigh as you step into the palm strike. Don’t rise up: Contract your diaphragm as if coughing or sneezing. This adds power and speed without compromising balance.

Step Four
If he’s still a threat, continue to move through him and elbow him in the head or neck. Then get to a safe place, check for injuries, and call the police. And remember: Always try to avoid trouble in the first place!

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