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Man Skills: How to Treat an Open Fracture

Dr. Rahul Khare, E.R. physician for Northwestern Medicine, explains how to patch yourself up after a nasty spill on the slopes.

Step One
If your shin’s sticking through your skin, do this: First up, put one hand under the thigh of the injured leg, and with the other hand grab the ankle.

Step Two
Grit your teeth, because this is going to hurt: Pull as hard as you can until the leg straightens out and the exposed bone slides back under the skin. The pain should now be lessened slightly.

Step Three
If you can, grab two sticks around three feet in length and tie them as tightly as possible to either side of the leg with a scarf or sweater. This should stabilize the leg.

Step Four
Slide down the mountain backward on your butt. This keeps the leg elevated and stops it from getting bashed so much. Skip the bread bowl of chili at the ski lodge and get your hobbled ass to the hospital.