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Man Skills: Perform a McTwist

How to perform a McTwist

Ride Snowboards’ pro snowboarder Brennen Swanson explains how to do the McTwist. Go get some, bro!

Step 1
In a regular stance (left foot at the front of the board), head up the side of the pipe crouched down, with your heels into the wall. Straighten your legs at the top of the lip to spring off and
get some air.

Step 2
This iconic move involves one forward flip (a somersault) and holding the board while performing one and a half rotations (spinning 540 degrees). Start by grabbing the board between your feet with your left hand.

Step 3
Tuck your head down under your right arm as if trying to bury your left nostril in your right armpit. Your body will follow the motion of your head, and you’ll start to do a forward flip.

Step 4
The angle of your body will also now cause you to rotate: Stay as tight and compact as possible and remain calm. Land nose-first and bend your legs to absorb the impact. Sick!

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