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Maxim Beats the Recession: Live Your Fantasy

Nab Supermodel Arm Candy!
Want to achieve the ultimate fantasy?


Super­star model Melissa Baker (you’ve seen her in Maxim, Sports Illustrated, and many other mags) is looking for a regular guy to win her heart.
Check out the video of her Maxim photo shoot!

 Details: Write a poem to Melissa, whom you most recently saw in Maxim's Annual Swimsuit Issue. She'll choose the most wonderful wordsmith for a real, honest-to-goodness date--in the real, nonvirtual world! So bust out the rhyming dictionary and get your romance on! Click here to enter!

Escape From Reality
These fantasy camps say, "Sorry you can't kill me--I'm already dead inside."


Space Academy
Tuition: $899
Waking up in a bunk in Alabama wearing a jumpsuit means one of two things: You’re either about to get kissed by your cellmate or you’re at Space Camp! Spend six days being spun in the Multi-Axis Trainer, operating mock missions and ensuring lifelong virginity.


Tuition: $850
Enjoy six days under the searing desert sun building track, restoring loco­motives, and studying the history of Amer­ican trains. Basically, it’s the same treatment that Chinese immigrants got in the 1800s. Only you get to survive!

Hire Your Own Manservant
Be a demanding prick for pennies a day!


For $57 a month, India-based gives the stressed and slothful freedom from everyday drudgery. Have them perform up to 30 tasks a month that can be done online: from booking flights to ordering pizza to scheduling a doctor visit about that crazy rash.