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St. Patrick's Day Survival Guide: Scoring on St. Patty's


March 17 doesn’t have to end with you shedding leprechaun tears at last call. It is possible for you to brandish your shillelagh in front of a real, live woman if you keep these seduction tips in mind.

Spotlight Her Style
Resist your booze-addled brain’s urge to blurt, “You’re so hot, I can’t feel my hands.” Not gonna work, weirdy! Focus on something she’s wearing. “I really like your shoes” is oddly effective. “If she’s at a bar, she took time picking her outfit, handbag, nail polish—start there. It shows her you’re paying attention,” says sex therapist Victoria Zdrok, Ph.D.

Show Potential
Even when prowling for a one-night stand, women pick guys who offer the potential for a relationship, says Eve Marx, author of 101 Things You Didn’t Know About Sex. Don’t tell her you want to marry her on a mountaintop; do show her you’ve got an eye on the future. “Whether you’re focused on your career, a vacation, or even lunch, forward-looking men are attractive,” says Marx.

Pick a Fight
It can be tempting to keep your conversation conflict-free in the hopes your deference will lead to some blarney bonin’. “That’s when a guy goes from interesting to boring,” says Amber Madison, author of Hooking Up. It’s a good idea to playfully disagree with her on something. It engages and ups her testosterone—the same hormone that spikes during foreplay, broseph!

Get Friendly
“Introduce her to whomever you know in the bar, from the bartender to your friends,” says Madison. It’ll confirm you’re not a dangerous sociopath. “The inclusion will make her feel infinitely more at ease.” And, no, the pet monkey you left in the car doesn’t count.