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The At-Work, Morning-After Survival Kit

You had a great time and really hit it off with that cute girl you met out last night. Next thing you know, it’s 8:15 in the morning, you have to make it to your 9 o’clock client meeting and you don’t have time to run home first. Here are the must-haves to stock your office drawer so you can get through the day without looking like the walk of shame.

A wet/dry shaver with vacuum: To help your 5 o’clock shadow from becoming a 9 a.m. nightmare, opt for a trimmer that is set up not only to keep your beard in check but vacuums hairs while you trim. By taking advantage of the vacuum feature, you can do a quick shave at your desk and still look cleaned up no matter how much of a rush you’re in.

Wrinkle-free fitted dress shirt and wrinkle-release spray: The easiest way to change your look is by changing your shirt, so your co-workers won’t be sleepover suspicious. Going with a wrinkle-free design allows you to keep it folded in your drawer and have it ready on demand. The wrinkle-release spray can be used as a last resort – just a few sprays, shake the shirt, and you’re ready to go.

Bodyspray: Avoid the clutter of having a deodorant stick and cologne in your drawer. AXE bodyspray has your back you in two ways - as a deodorant and fragrance that will keep you smelling fresh, not funky.

On-the-go facial cleansing wipes: Face wash won’t cut it in the office unless you have a sink in your desk drawer. These individually wrapped wipes will allow you to get rid of dirt and sweat from the night before and leave your face cool, clean and refreshed.

Disposable toothbrush: Nothing kills your chances in a meeting more than morning breath. Just a quick brush to get rid of the tastes from last night ensures a cleaner, fresher mouth. Use it again later on in the day for a little refresh.

Frequently described as “Boston’s Hitch,” Thomas Edwards is the founder and creator of the well-known consultancy and dating/relationship site