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I Want My McTV: McDonalds To Start In-Store Broadcasting

Apparently McDonald's has decided that too many of their customers are opting for the drive-thru or to-go aspects of their restaurants. The solution? They’re launching an in-store TV channel targeting their dine-in customers. You know, because Americans don’t spend enough time in front of the TV and who likes to chat over a meal anyway? You’d think that the channel would at least be McDonald’s centric but the program is said to include local news and entertainment features, which sounds pretty boring. A suggestion: bring back some of Ronald McDonald’s old crew for some customized programming! Here are some ideas (and accompanying video clips to jog your memory about those in question):


C-Span with Mayor McCheese


Prison Break spin-off featuring the Hamburglar and Officer Big Mac


Where Are They Now? Investigating short-lived characters including The Professor


The Real World: Happy Meal Gang


Birdie the Early Bird & Hoda’s hour on the Today Show


Anything with Grimace: reality show, talk show, game show, whatever.

Alternatively, just bring back George Costanza. We'll buy anything!