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Katy Perry To Host Saturday Night Live

Talk about television news to be thankful for: It was announced on Monday that Katy Perry would be hosting Saturday Night Live, but spared us having to listen to "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" for the thousandth goddamn time by not making her musical guest as well. While Perry's comedy skills are limited to marrying Russell Brand, playing a ditz on How I Met Your Mother, and doing the voice of Smurfette in the soul-crushing box office smash The Smurfs, she did do a pretty good job in this skit (watch below), which she appeared in during an episode when she was the musical guest. And that's exactly what everybody remembers about this skit. Her comedic timing. Nothing else. See for yourself:

Katy Perry's episode of Saturday Night Live is scheduled for Dec. 10, one week after Steve Buscemi hosts. Let the great sexiest host in December debate begin!