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Checking in at the NBA 2K12 Launch Party

October 4th is the day that you'll be able to get your grubby mitts on the new NBA 2K12 but for a handful of lucky gamers, rap battlers and hall of famers, launch day came a smidge early and we were there for all the pixel popping partying. Check out some of the highlights after the jump.


We didn't realize that the Magic part of Magic Johnson meant he could shoot freakin' lightning bolts

Nike ID Station. No, the yellow ones don't actually glow in real life but they do in the game. 

Pippen takes on Horry in a quick round of 2K12. 

Robert Horry told us later that Pippen had never picked up a game controller before the party. 

Jada Kiss Performs, cell phone cameras come out. 
Photo Courtesy of AP for 2K12.

Busta Rhymes on the mic, Photo Courtesy of AP for 2K12, we were too drunk by the time Busta got on the stage to hold a camera straight.

Be sure to check the Maxim Gaming Channel on Tuesday for our review of NBA 2K12.