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Party Like a Warrior!

The mission: Put the combat tactics that are playable in Call of Duty®: Black Ops video game to the test with 10 elite competitors vying for the the chance to become the 2010 Maximum Warrior. But only one man walked away with the grand prize, a 2011 Call of Duty®: Black Ops Edition Jeep Wrangler. And that man emerged triumphant at the 2010 Maximum Warrior Party, held at SupperClub in Los Angeles where he claimed his 2011 Jeep prize and partied with lovely ladies like Dania Ramirez and Lo Bosworth. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, soldier!

And the winner is…

Karl Erickson, a special forces Sergeant Major who completed the final course—a mash-up of long-range sniping, obstacle course running and weapons assembling with a shooting gallery finale in a smoke-filled house—in a blistering 23 minutes flat. Here, he tells us how he did it.

MAXIM: How did you win the Maximum Warrior contest?
KARL: To be honest, a lot of luck. All these guys are great shooters, and we were all within five seconds of each other on a lot of these missions. I just managed to not be the worst when we got to the elimination stages.

How did this contest compare to actual combat?
We used a lot of skills here that we use on the battlefield—everything from engaging moving targets, to assembling weapons under pressure, to dealing with urban warfare. But we did get to party with some Maxim girls at night here. You don’t get to do that in combat.

What was the hardest part of the contest?
When they filled the shoot house with smoke, there was no wind to clear it out. I had to feel my way down some walls and got 10 t o12 good lungfulls of smoke. I’m sure I’ll be coughing up green smoke for weeks.

Got any smack talk for the other warriors?
When you put 10 testosterone-fueled meat eaters with our backgrounds into one room, you’d think there’d be a lot of animosity and competition. But we became a band of brothers who saw this as a next challenge in the battlefield. We were cheering each other on. It was a complete honor to have these guys on my left and right.

What are you going to do with all your winnings?
I’m going to drive my new Jeep Wrangler back home and show it off to all my buddies in my old unit. They love Maxim, they love shooting, and they love this Jeep. They’ll be proud of me, but they'll also be pissed off and jealous that they didn’t get to do this. The money goes to the kid's college fund.

Maximum Warrior Champion Karl Erickson tells you how to turn your disgusting, fat body into a lean, mean killing machine.

“I’m a big fan of doing Kettle Bells. You won’t get the huge body-building muscles, but they’ll give you a really strong core so your body won’t get torn up doing these events. They keep me lean which makes me a harder target to hit. And since I’ve torn up my knees from jumping out of planes and climbing mountains, the lower impact workouts give me the results while saving my joints from wear and tear.”

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