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Sponsored: Band of Buds

That’s right – a whole page about Band of Buds. Why? Three reasons. 1 – it’s a cool contest. 2 – it’s a chance to win $100,000! 3 – dude, we gots to eat too.

What is Band of Buds? 
Good question! It’s a new competition from Budweiser that aims to see who’s got the bestest BFFL’s in the whole of America. Kind of makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, don’t it? No? Drink more beer. That always works for us.

So what do I do, then? 
Gather your friends, earn points competing in challenges, earn even more points with fan votes, pray. In addition to a shot at winning $100,000, the 25 top groups of friends (AKA crews AKA “bands of buds”) will all compete (and by “compete” we mean party) in the finals in Vegas. More than anything else, it’s a chance to prove to the world that you and your crew are better at partying than anyone else.

I have a crew…? 
Duh, yeah. That’s what they’re calling you and your buddies in this contest. Look, it was good enough for Robert De Niro and his pals in Heat, so it should be good enough for you.

How do I win this Band of Buds thing, then? 
Through a storming social media campaign, that’s how. Which sounds like hard work, but is actually just completing amusing challenges, posting photos of them online and encouraging everyone you know to vote for you. That’s right – everyone. What, your mailman won’t vote for you? KILL HIM. KILL HIM AND EAT HIS DOG.

What was that about Vegas again? 
You might be spending a weekend there, champ! The 20 winning crews from each region will meet there, along with five “wildcard” crews, to see once and for all who’s crew is true to the brew (note to copy chief: you owe us $50 for getting that rhyme in there). Want in? Of course you do! Just click right here to enter.

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