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The Super Bowl, Guy Fieri, and One Big Fat Lie


Now that his brain has stopped spinning from a week in New Orleans, our fearless and furry leader would like to clear something up.

Hey guys, it's Dan Bova, Chief Content Officer of Maxim. When I am not sitting around Chief Contenting, I often find myself at one of the many stellar events Maxim throws across this great nation of ours. And this past weekend, somewhere in between eating my weight in crawfish and crying in a Beyoncé-induced blackout, I found myself at our biggest event of them all: The Maxim Big Game Party.

You may have heard about some of the memorable events from this year's party, like Jamie Foxx taking over the DJ booth, but I want to clear up a report that's been flying around that definitely DID NOT happen.

According to an unnamed source (can you think of a more reliable source?), Maxim's good pal Guy Fieri was asked to leave our bash. As the person who invited him and spent a good portion of the weekend having beer poured down my throat by him, I can assure you that this is complete B.S. (That stands for bullshit.) Here are some snaps of him holding it down on our red carpet with Jeremy Shockey and Maxim radio pals Covino and Rich.

Look at the smile on that dude's face. Let me assure you that things only got happier from there. So I hope that puts that stupid story to rest. Oh, and while I have you, as for the other rumor that Guy and I are having a love child... I'll just say no comment for now...

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