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Talent Search: Look Maxim, No Hands!

We know that you're a funny and creative bunch out there in Maxim reader land, which is why we want to share your talents with the world. Specifically, talents that don't involve using your hands. Can you write your name with your feet? Pour a beer in your mouth? Scratch your nose? Peel a banana? Prove it!

The Challenge: Videotape yourself performing any impressive, sexy, or downright disgusting trick and post it on YouTube with the title "Look Maxim, No Hands!" We'll run the best videos on our site and our forthcoming Xbox channel.

We only have two rules:

-Don't do anything dangerous that may cause injury to you, others, or will damage public or private property.
-Don't break any laws! When you create and post your video, you agree to take full responsibility and are liable for it.

Easy enough, right? Get to it, you crazy kids!

Read the terms and conditions.

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