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Maximum Warrior 4 Explodes Into Action!

The world’s most badass contest is back with a bang.


Every year, Maxim calls on 10 of America’s most elite military operators – including Marines, Navy SEALS, Green Berets, and more – to take part in a reality competition with some serious grit: The one and only Maximum Warrior. As ever, this year’s participants will partake in 10 increasingly tough challenges, testing them to their physical limits while they shoot, drive, climb, breach, and detonate their way to victory. Throw in three special mini-challenges from Blackhawk, and you’ve got one hell of a tough competition.



The first challenge is going to air on on Wednesday, October 9, with new challenges going live every subsequent Wednesday until December 11. If you can’t wait that long, however, the Blackhawk mini-challenges will begin on Monday September 30. You can also see exclusive interviews with all 10 of this year’s entrants right here, or learn more about the four instructors for this year’s contest here. And check out the trailer for this year’s installment below!


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