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In a nation divided by Jerry Springer politics where it’s difficult to get two people to agree on the color of an orange, reaching a consensus on the war in Iraq is virtually impossible. That’s why the Graffiti of War Project is asking folks to put the politics aside and simply consider the men and women who are actually fighting on our behalf, often in the face of criticism or, more commonly, plain indifference back home. The project is collecting graffiti from soldiers, marines and airmen deployed abroad. Raw, surprising, and emotional, these are spontaneous pieces of art: sometimes angry, always proud and often dripping with gallows humor.

Photo: Some "modified Banksy" found on Camp Taji, Iraq, in the area of operation of Bravo Company, 1-147th Aviation.

This piece is a memorial to SFC Julian Ingles, a National Guardsman KIA in 2007.

Found in – where else – a latrine in Iraq, by Zoriah Miller, this reflects some soldiers’ fears that the wars are a modern day version of the Crusades.

An enemy tank, rusting in a junkyard on Camp Taji, Iraq, becomes an immediate candidate for Maxim’s daily “Found Porn” feature.

Found on a portable blast wall in Iraq, this is simply The Shocker. If you don’t know what that is, Google it. But, er – not at work.

What else are you going to do in your downtime other than paint your Humvee to look like the Dukes of Hazzard’s General Lee?

Taken around 2006, also by Zoriah Miller, this was from a time when the troops themselves were unsure the war could be won.

Taken outside the Chow Hall on Camp Fallujah, Iraq in 2006. Even with the bullets flying, the soldiers manage to keep their sense of humor.

Taken at Camp Scania in August 2004, this photo shows a tribute to fallen American and British forces that was sadly torn down in 2006.

Ramp 32A on the Basra Airfield gives soldiers a vacation-style photo op.

Taken in 2004 in Iraq, “Aunt Sam” gives troops a tongue-in-cheek glimpse of what they’re fighting for.

Taken in a junkyard in Ar Ramadi in 2006: when you can’t say it with flowers, say it with tanks!

A tragic reminder of how it all started: taken at Camp Echo, Iraq in 2006.

The first of a trilogy of mascots, this is the mascot of the all-important medevac team in Balad, Iraq.

This lovingly rendered image shows the mascot of Bravo Company, 2-116 Cavalry, Barbarians.

The mascot of the Bulldogs – also known as the 588th Maintenance Company, bares its teeth at Balad Airbase, Camp Anaconda, Iraq.

The multinational Tallil Airbase in Nasiriya, Iraq, makes new recruits feel welcome.

The 25th Infantry division – based out of Hawaii – attempt to make things feel a little more at home…despite being in Kirkuk, Iraq.

Troops celebrate the death of Osama in typically sardonic style.

These images and many others will eventually be compiled into a book, whose proceeds will go towards service members suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. You can visit The Graffiti Of War Project on Facebook at, or follow them on Twitter, @GraffitiofWar.

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