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Cedar Grove, New Jersey

Military Status: 
United States Marine Corps Captain
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  • Trimeloni Frazier - Ciroc Americano Contestant
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L O A D I N G . . .


Christopher's Q & A

What to you is most exciting about the possibility of being a CÎROC Military Ambassador? 
I have a passion for both the military as well as CÎROC Vodka.  I believe that my experiences and knowledge of the military make me a great candidate for this campaign.  I have been stationed all over the world and trained with different countries.
What is your favorite CÎROC cocktail?
A shot of CÎROC Coconut chilled or CÎROC Coconut and Pineapple juice.
Describe an ideal night out for you and your buddies?
An ideal night starts out pre-gaming at a friends house, having a drink or two as we all meet up.  Then we head out to either a spot(bar/lounge sometimes club) in NJ or most likely NYC for the night and usually ending up at a diner.
How has serving in the military made you right for this job?
Serving in the military has made me appreciate this country and the freedom that I now enjoy as a Veteran.  As tough as being in the military was, i do not regret one minute of it and am proud of who i and and what i have become.  I have confidence in myself and all i do.  Being in the military builds discipline, character and patience.  I believe that i would be very successful at this job.