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Miami, Florida

Electronics Technician
Military Status: 
Navy - Reserves
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  • Trimeloni Frazier - Ciroc Americano Contestant
  • Marcellus
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L O A D I N G . . .


Marcellus's Q & A

What to you is most exciting about the possibility of being a CÎROC Military Ambassador? 
The most exciting possibility of being the military ambassador for CÎROC  would be meeting P-Diddy and working with him and his team to represent my comrades in the military.
What is your favorite CÎROC cocktail?
My favorite CÎROC  cocktail is the CÎROC  lemonade, although, I could also go for CÎROC on the rocks with lime.
Describe an ideal night out for you and your buddies?
An ideal night out for me and my friends would first be bar hopping in the city to check out the atmosphere and feel the vibe for the night.  Then we'd probably continue on to a really nice night club or several different ones just looking to meet new people and have an adventurous, memorable night. 
How has serving in the military made you right for this job?
I believe serving in the military has made me right for the job because there is a certain awareness you gain after boot camp and doing time that you just can't gain in the civilian world.  It has made me stronger in every aspect of my person: physically, emotionally, and psychologically.  I am grateful to have the chance to serve this great nation which allows the incredible freedoms that do not exist anywhere else in the world, and i believe that if chosen, I will convey that as your military ambassador.