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Willingboro, New Jersey

Program Analyst
Military Status: 
U.S. Air Force
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Naja's Q & A

What to you is most exciting about the possibility of being a CÎROC Military Ambassador? 
The most exciting part about this opportunity would be to represent the brand and all that it stands for to my family, the military. The opportunity to travel and represent an organization I love very much doing what I left the military to do would be a dream come true. I honorably separated from the military and moved to New York City over 4 years ago to finish my degree Marketing with dreams of working for a major company one day. With my Marketing degree in hand, military experience and marketing, pr, fashion, branding experience from some of the best in their fields under my belt; I truly believe there is no other more qualified to translate the CÎROC brand to the Military consumer.
What is your favorite CÎROC cocktail?
My love for CÎROC began during my tour to S. Korea. As a young Airman with not a lot of money we used to combine good old CÎROC with Sprite. When Peach CÎROC was introduced it quickly became my favorite flavor. Peach CÎROC and Sprite and I'm a happy girl! 
Describe an ideal night out for you and your buddies?
An ideal night out with friends these days include happy hour at a downtown DC bar filled with half off drinks, good company and great laughs. 
How has serving in the military made you right for this job?
My experience in the military connects me with the community forever. They are my family and who knows you better than family, right? I understand the lifestyle of these hardworking heros. I know first hand what they sacrifice to ensure freedom for this country. The sacrifice of family, time and even free will at times. I also understand the message of drinking responsibly the military preaches so loudly, the importance of no underage drinking and the difference a few drinks it takes to turn an officer and a gentleman to a bad decision and demoted. With a tour to Korea and Iraq under my belt no one knows how much these military members deserve it but in the responsible and classy way.  During my time in the military I worked in a predominately males career class with a great group of civil engineers. I couldn’t help but become one of the guys at times all while remembering my place as a lady. I feel CÎROC represents the lifestyle the military preaches, have fun, enjoy your time off, you’ve earned it but do it RESPONSIBLY.