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Madison, Alabama

Logistics Analyst
Military Status: 
Navy veteran
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  • Christopher
  • naja
  • Trimeloni Frazier - Ciroc Americano Contestant
  • Marcellus
  • 1-4
L O A D I N G . . .


Trimeloni's Q & A

What to you is most exciting about the possibility of being a CÎROC Military Ambassador? 
To travel and once again have the opportunity to be an Ambassador and represent a great product.
What is your favorite CÎROC cocktail?
CÎROC and cranberry juice.
Describe an ideal night out for you and your buddies?
Drinks at home or at a bar before going to a club followed by an after hours spot.
How has serving in the military made you right for this job?
Serving in the military forced me to adapt to any situation, multitask, and get over my fear of speaking in front of large crowds. The military taught me everything there is to know about being flexible and working the room. Networking was a major part of my military experience and I loved it!