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Dakota Meyer And Hiring Our Heroes

Unemployment is a real issue for vets, but Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer is working to change that.

Dakota breaks down how the Personal Branding Resume Engine works.

Say you are a Marine sharpshooter just back in the States after serving in Afghanistan and you’re looking for a job. Chances are slim that the HR lady where you’re applying to work will ask, “So…do you have any experience taking out Taliban from long distances?” Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer, a former Marine sniper himself, knows all too well the difficulties vets from all branches of the Armed Services face trying to break back into the civilian workforce: “A lot of people, when they get out of the military, have a hard time translating to an employer what they did.” That’s why he, along with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Hiring Our Heroes program and Toyota, recently launched the Personal Branding Resume Engine, which converts military experience to working-world skill sets.

“Take being a sniper,” Dakota tells us. “There are a lot of skills involved that an employer probably doesn’t know about, such as communication, team­work, leadership, personnel management, risk management, promptness, and discipline. These are all things an employer can use.”

A vet chats with a prospective employer.

So how does this Personal Branding Resume Engine work, exactly? It’s as easy as hitting up, clicking on your branch of service, and listing everything you did while serving your country. The site does all the rest. It was launched only a few months ago, but Dakota is already hearing an incredibly positive re­­sponse. “People are talking about it like it’s the best thing they’ve seen,” he says proudly. “And that’s exactly what we were shooting for.” Spoken like a true sniper!

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