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Maxim Salutes The Military

Prepare to stand at ease, troops, because Maxim is doing something very special to celebrate all our boys and girls in uniform (not you, meter maids. Sorry). Available on newsstands only, Maxim's Salute To The Military is a fat compendium of all things Maxim, including our secret proprietary blend of women, gadgets, celebrities, action, entertainment, humor and not a little drunken ridiculousness. This mix of new content and classic stories also includes four very special shoots with some of our favorite girls, each based on a different branch of the armed forces (warning: some of the uniforms on display here may not pass muster), as well as a featured interview with Medal Of Honor recipient and Maxim Military Advisor Dakota Meyer

Check out the two alternate covers for this special issue below! And if you're still hungry for more, try some of our other military-based stories or ready yourself for action with the weapons and warriors of our Maximum Warrior competition.