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Holiday Weekend! Careful with the Cash...

Since you're gonna be temporarily out of the habit of buying your usual $5 morning latte and $7 fast-food lunch, you'll likely feel like you have a few bucks burning a hole in your pocket. This can often lead to even bigger spending. Yeah, it's fun for all of 10 minutes, but come Tuesday morning, you'll probably notice a pile of debit-card receipts that you're now regretting.

So watch yourself with these Labor Day weekend cash-money traps...

Over-buying beer for your buddy's barbecue or a tail-gating party

Who wants to leave leftover booze at a friend's house or in his cooler? A sucker, that's who. We won't even get into how much dough will be wasted on unused hamburger buns and plastic cups.

Taking more than one of your kid's friends to an amusement park

That's a lot of tickets, hot dogs and Slushies you're basically agreeing to provide ... not to mention the cost of cleaning the puke stains out of the SUV when one of 'em eventually blows chunks. And he/she will, trust us.

Trying to do that home-improvement project yourself, instead of calling a professional

It may seem like a good idea at the time - "Hey, I'll save a ton of money if I do this myself!" - but if there's anything we've learned from Cliff Huxtable, it's that odd jobs around the house are best left to the odd-jobbers. Call Louie the Plumber and call it a day.

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