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More Ways To Spend Money You Don't Have

Try telling this kid that giving is better than receiving. Especially when you are receiving video games. That's why we are here to help you find the perfect gift for making small children (or big ones) wet themselves with excitement. Well, technically, we have already helped you with our 2008 Holiday Gift Guide and an entire blog centered around the Best Stuff of the Year. But other people out there have a narrower focus than we do, and seeing as it's the season for generosity—we feel like sharing. So here's some more help finding a gift for the tech-savvy, gadget-packing gaming wizard in your family.

1. Bestmodo from Gizmodo
A compilation of some of Gizmodo's favorite things from the year. Where else can you find LCD flat screens, hyper-intensive flash lights, and UFOs? (Aside from Wal-Mart.)

2. Kotaku's Holiday Game Review Madness
Broken down by platform or cross-platform or basically any way somebody could possibly play games, this guide makes things simple for you—a novel concept for the Internet, we know.

3. Engadget's Holiday Gift Guide
Instead of one giant cesspool of gifts, this one is broken up into gifts for him, her, son, daughter, mom, and dad. Now all we need is the category of gifts for "random friend that bought you a gift, but you didn't anticipate them getting you anything so you have to come up with an idea more clever than them real fast without spending more than 15 dollars because you don't even like this person that much anyway."

And on that note: Happy Holidays!