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10 Years of Maxim, 1997-2007

Our first girls...


"I felt so flattered to be on Maxim's first cover! My husband is still hoping I might walk around our house one day in an unbuttoned Indians shirt!"
—Christa Miller


decadeMaxim_1997carmenElectra.jpg decadeMaxim_1997jillHennessy.jpg
Carmen Electra said: "I was a bully in school, but then I'd look sweet and get away with it. I always liked boys. I had my first crush in kindergarten. I hit him." Check out her photos! Jill Hennessy

The year in pictures...


"Catherine [Zeta-Jones] looked beautiful. She has an extraordinary face and an absolutely perfect body. Her legs should be enshrined in the Smithsonian."
—Andrew Eccles, photographer


decadeMaxim_1998famkeJanssen.jpg decadeMaxim_1998alyssaMilano.jpg decadeMaxim_1998rebeccaRomijn.jpg
Famke Janssen said: "Women want to be superheroes and men want to do them." Check out her photos!
Alyssa Milano Check out her photos! Rebecca Romijn enjoyed a huge dessert during her Maxim interview. Check out her photos!


The year in pictures...


"I remember coming to the shoot and being completely freaked out that the only clothes that fit me were knickers. Clever, Maxim, very clever. It's my favorite photo spread ever."
—Lucy Lawless
Check out her photos!


decadeMaxim_1999jenniferLoveHewitt.jpg decadeMaxim_1999roseMcGowan.jpg
"The cover stands out in my mind because it was the first time I'd been considered sexy. I'll always appreciate Maxim for that."
—Jennifer Love Hewitt Check out her photos!
Rose McGowan


The year in pictures...


"I don't sleep in anything. I have to be nude, and if I'm not I end up ripping my clothes off in the middle of the night."
—Jenny McCarthy            Check out her photos!


decadeMaxim_2000HalleBerry.jpg decadeMaxim_2000katherineHeigl.jpg decadeMaxim_2000kimSmith.jpg
Halle Berry said: "Don't kiss me on the first date. I hate that. You don't want to blow your wad on the first shot, right?" Check out her photos! Katherine Heigl Check out her photos!

Kim Smith was #91 on our '06 Hot 100 list. (Should've been higher, no?)


The year in pictures...


"Everything was white. I felt very free that day. The photographer was amazing and the background was very pure. It was one of my favorite photo shoots ever."
—Jaime Pressly                 Check out her photos!


decadeMaxim_2001aliLarter.jpg decadeMaxim_2001deniseRichards.jpg decadeMaxim_2001williamHMacy.jpg
The entire set and styling on this shoot was Ali Larter's idea... Check out her photos! Denise Richards

William H. Macy said: "We took a lot of drugs... LSD for a year or two. I ate that stuff like candy." Check out the article!

The year in pictures...


Mila Kunis said: "I wish I could say something exciting, like that Laura Prepon and I have wet T-shirt contests, but we don't."         Check out her photos!


decadeMaxim_2002natashaMalthe.jpg decadeMaxim_2002elishaCuthbert.jpg
Natassia Malthe
Elisha Cuthbert

The year in pictures...

Jessica Alba Check out her photos!
decadeMaxim_2003drewBarrymore.jpg The entire Charlie's Angels shoot at Milk Studios in New York took only 3 1/2 hours! Check out her photos!

The year in pictures...


"Maxim was a big cover for me. It was a really fun shoot and great to be on the cover of the first music edition."
—Avril Lavigne            Check out her photos!


decadeMaxim_2004saraFoster.jpg decadeMaxim_2004jessicaSimpson.jpg decadeMaxim_2004margeSimpson.jpg
Sara Foster Check out her photos! Jessica Simpson Check out her photos!

Marge Simpson said: "What do I find sexy in a man? A big belly and no inhibitions."

The year in pictures...

Nicollette Sheridan said: "Someone told me about a Web site with my head on other people's bodies doing lewd things. The drag? My body is much better than their bodies."
Check out her photos!


Cindy Crawford

The year in pictures...


"I've always had a great relationship with Maxim—especially when they named me number one on the Hot 100 two years in a row!"
—Eva Longoria Check out her photos!

decadeMaxim_2006jorgeGarcia.jpg decadeMaxim_2006borat.jpg decadeMaxim_2006jessicaSimpson.jpg
Yes. Jorge Garcia really has gone skinny-dipping with his Lost cast mates.
Borat said: "To be leader of my nation, a man must have a penis size of a tube of Pringles." Check out the article!

Jessica Simpson says she buys Maxim in airports to check out the competition. Check out her photos!

The year in pictures...


"I did Maxim because I'm just insecure enough to feel validated by the notion of strangers pleasuring themselves to my picture."
—Sarah Silverman            Check out her photos!

decadeMaxim_2007evaMendes.jpg decadeMaxim_2007fergie.jpg decadeMaxim_2007christinaAguilera.jpg
Eva Mendes said: "I loved the old-school feel our shoot had, which was basically a modern take on 1970s sex kittens."
Fergie performed at our '07 party for the Big Game in Miami. Check out her photos!

"I'm very possessive of my title as Maxim's best-selling cover girl. I'm always like, "Has someone taken that spot?"
—Christina Aguilera
Check out her photos!

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