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12 Monkeys

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Star Rating: 
8 out of 10
Before time travel mindfuck movies were all the rage, Monty Python alum Terry Gilliam directed Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt through the past, present, and future as they raced to save mankind. Now the special edition of 12 Monkeys tries to sort out the details of this warped classic. For the most entertaining analysis, check out the commentary track with Gilliam and producer Charles Roven lifted from the laser disc, which logs the two still arguing over certain edits, and might be the only commentary track in movie history to make a film more confusing. If the flick's paranoid premise doesn't prove freaky enough, the "12 Monkeys Archive" is stocked with a host of haunting monkey drawings that make your childhood therapy sketches coherent by comparison. There's also an hour and a half "Making Of" featurette that's its own movie, chronicling production from start to finish while following Gilliam on the set, on The Late Show, and—judging by the final product—way over budget.