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21 Jump Street

Release Date: 
Star Rating: 
6 out of 10

Time to get schooled.

The Pitch: A pair of inept bike cops must blend in at a high school in order to find a drug dealer. It's loosely based on the 80s TV show, which famously launched the careers of Hollywood superstar Richard Grieco and some loser named Johnny Depp.

What It Really Is: An excuse for (kinda chubby) dork Jonah Hill and (totally hot) dope Channing Tatum to relive their teenage years. The many action scenes are legit hilarious, with highlights that include texting in the middle of a car chase and fist-fighting in the middle of a Peter Pan performance. Adding to the hijinks is a supporting cast that includes a self-parodying Ice Cube, a self-pleasuring Ellie Kemper, and a self, uh, mustache-ing Nick Offerman.

Fair Warning: Don't expect a gritty crime drama or a story that makes any sense. And with approximately 100 jokes per minute, some are bound to fail. Ready-Made Press Blurb: "Jump to it!" -

Who’s It For: Fans of remakes that have almost nothing to do with the original. And fans of AWESOME cameos. Shhhhhhh!

Studio: Columbia Pictures