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American Pie 2

Release Date: 
Star Rating: 
5 out of 10
With three relatively high-profile sequels hitting theaters this summer (Jurassic Park, Rush Hour, and Pie), you’d think the respective filmmakers would just go for broke—especially the guys who made a movie in which a guy guzzles jizz. But in each case, they play it safe, not straying far from the original’s formula, and the results are almost uniformly mediocre (well, except for JP3, which was just plain bad).

But we will say this: Give American Pie 2 credit for bringing back everyone from the original movie. And we mean everyone: Kevin’s older brother (Casey Affleck), Stifler’s younger brother, and even the two dudes who chanted “MILF!” show up. This is also, however, where many of the movie’s flaws come in. They try to up the ante in every situation (many of which are ruined by a trailer that gives too many of the best gags away—thanks for that, guys), and while some things are definitely funny, you can’t shake the feeling that they’re trying to shock you. Also, some characters are left high and dry by the story—Mena Suvari’s Heather is promptly shipped off to Europe since they had no idea what to do with her, reducing Chris Klein’s Oz to prop status. Their “phone sex” subplot is a lame attempt at giving them something to do. New director J.B. Rogers did learn one thing from the Weitz brothers, though—whenever you need a laugh, just insert Eugene Levy. While everything moves along quickly and lightly, let’s hope there’s no American Pie 3. Jason Biggs can finally leave his beleaguered penis alone.