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Answer This! Malcolm McDowell

On the 40th Anniversary of A Clockwork Orange, the legendary actor faces the Maxim interrogation

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the release of A Clockwork Orange – one of the most respected (and yet, at the time, reviled) movies ever made. Along with Stanley Kubrick’s direction, Malcolm McDowell’s turn as Alex – a young man whose principle interests were, you may recall, rape, ultra-violence and Beethoven – cemented the film’s place in cinema history. Since then, of course, McDowell has proved himself to be a match for any subject matter, doing everything from terrorizing Limey criminals in Gangster No. 1, to popping up in South Park, to killing Captain Kirk in Star Trek: Generations. Which is why we thought it was about time to see if he could take on Maxim’s questions – Answer This, Malcolm McDowell!



A Clockwork Orange is available on Blu-ray now 

We had to share this awesomely sweary outtake from our "Answer This!" video.



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