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The greatest inspiration comes from within. Or it comes from within, but it looks like it's coming from someone else who looks just like you.

Mr. Mom-

You're a lonely married guy whose wife is always away on business trips {C}and the neighborhood slut is currently sprawled out on your bed. Time to sit yourself down{C}, go through the alphabet letter by letter, and convince yourself that you shouldn't boldly go where itinerate truckers have gone before.


The best part of taking a moment before the mirror is that it allows you to see yourself as you really are. You could use a shave. Yep, that's gray hair and not a trick of the light. Oh, and you're really a 10-foot-tall green monster who feeds entirely on the daddy rage you've kept bottled up since childhood. Ready to start the day!

All That Jazz-

Most of us can start a day on coffee and a Nutri-Grain bar. That's because our day consists of avoiding work and putting off suicide. Joe Gideon, however, must choreograph a play, audition a chorus line, edit a film, and sleep with every woman who so much as ties her shoes near him. So he needs a smoke, a shower, and that special something you can't get without a prescription. Showtime!

Taxi Driver-

Like our debate coaches used to say in high school, the best way to prepare an opening statement is to practice it in front of a mirror. So Travis Bickle sets up a little "mock debate" of his own between himself, his new guns, and an unnamed stranger who may or may not, in fact, be speaking to him.


A good mirror stare down can do wonders, but why not take that "me" time and use it to test the limits of your face, Chuck Yeager–style. Go on, stretch it out. Make it work. Yes, someone could walk in and think you're bat shit, but at least it will distract them from the fact that you were just masturbating in a stall moments ago like this guy was.


With so many mirror scenes hinging on self-doubt, it's nice to see Lane Meyer administer a dose of self-esteem. See, he's going out with his dad's law partner's daughter, who allegedly has an antenna on her face. Rather than cook up a convenient 24-hour flu, Lane is gonna show this young lady the time of her life. After he properly deodorizes.

The Foot Fist Way-

Sometimes, even a life that seems, on the surface, to have it all can crumble. Take Fred Simmons—karate instructor, local legend, and self-proclaimed "king of the demo." He just found out his wife's been giving tug jobs at work, so it's best to give him a second to compose himself in the bathroom. See? All better.

The Foot Fist Way comes out May 30

Boogie Nights-

We know what you're thinking: "How can a guy with a Louisville Slugger in his boxers be depressed?" You wouldn't understand. But suffice it to say that getting up, shaking off that case of the Mondays, and reminding yourself that you're a "superstar" is just what the doctor ordered. For good measure, go ahead and whip that hog out, just because you can.

Silence of the Lambs-

Some guys primp in front of a mirror (and camera) in the hopes that they'll look good enough to snag the girl of their dreams. Other guys? They primp in front of a mirror to become the girl of their dreams. Hey, he'd fuck him. Who cares what you think?

Pulp Fiction-

Truly, this is one of those "moments of truth." You're in the bathroom and you know beyond a doubt that you can nail the woman in the next room. You also know her husband and his tendency to throw Samoans out of four-story windows. Good time to take a moment and lay out your options.

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