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Bill Murray And Charlie Sheen Are In The Same Movie?

Our brains just exploded. Check out this exclusive red band trailer for A Glimpse Inside The Mind Of Charles Swan III to see what we mean.


Have we ever mentioned how much we love Bill Murray here? We have? Yeah, thought we might've. We're also fans - albeit in a different way - of human car crash Charlie Sheen, so the fact that they're in a movie together is, frankly, absolutely fascinating. They're both great with knowing self-deprecation, they can both deadpan the shit out of a one-liner, and with their reputations, we can only, in our most soaring, wondrous dreams, imagine what the two of them must have got up to on and off the set. Anyway, throw in the excellent Jason Schwartzman, Katheryn Winnick and Parks And Rec's adorable Aubrey Plaza, and you've got a recipe for...well, God knows what, frankly, but we're seriously intrigued. Called A Glimpse Inside The Mind Of Charles Swan III, we've got an exclusive red band trailer here, and it looks gloriously, gloriously weird:





The movie is getting a limited release in theaters on February 8th, but you can download it from iTunes right now - just click here. The trailer below with Bill Murray dressed as a cowboy should be more than enough to convince you.