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Chris Pratt to Star in "Guardians of the Galaxy"

The Parks and Recreation goofball is taking over Marvel's interstellar new franchise. This makes us happy.

Photo: Mitchell Haaseth / NBC

He's been a good-natured moron on Parks and Recreation, a badass Bin Laden-hunting Navy SEAL in Zero Dark Thirty, and even Maxim's resident grillmaster. Now the multitalented Chris Pratt will be taking on his most ambitious role yet: Star-Lord, the lead role in Marvel's upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movies. It was just revealed that the lucky hubby of the hilarious (and gorgeous) Anna Faris will portray the half-alien/half-human leader of a team of space-traveling heroes in a series of films based on the Marvel comics. So far the guy has been able to crush every role he's been given, so we're confident that—come Summer 2014 when the film is released—he'll fill Star-Lord's space suit like a boss.

Charlie Wen / Marvel

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