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The Perfect Storm and The Day After Tomorrow aren't the only movies that have insane meteorological meltdowns.

Weather Scenes - Magnolia-

Near the end of Paul Thomas Anderson's ode to dysfunctional relationships, the skies open up and release a violent window-shattering storm of live frogs. Why? Nobody knows. But the tension is broken, families are reunited, and William H. Macy loses a few teeth. We'd call that a happy ending.

Weather Scenes - Waiting for Guffman-

Besides its famous footstools, the town of Blaine, Missouri, is also notable for its alleged alien visitors. According to the local UFO expert/crop-circle observer (David Cross), "Once you go into that circle, the weather never changes. It is always 67 degrees with a 40 percent chance of rain." Spooky!

Weather Scenes - Kill Bill-

The weather seemed pretty damn balmy when the Bride (Uma Thurman) rolled up to the House of Blue Leaves to kill O-Ren Ishii (Lucy Liu). But after about 15 minutes of hacking apart the Crazy 88 bodyguard posse, she finds her mark outside in a wintry garden, among falling snow and frozen ponds. Which looks nice and all, but come on—major continuity error, bro.

Fireball rain in The Reaping-

This horror flick version of The Ten Commandments stars Hilary Swank as a debunker of religious phenomena who investigates a small town that seems to be suffering through the biblical plagues, including gnarly fireballs raining from the sky. Oh man, hot enough for ya?!?

Haunted fog in The Fog-

Due to the fact that their ancestors sunk a clipper ship full of lepers (ewww) back in the day, the seaside townspeople in this 1980 John Carpenter classic are tormented by an all-engulfing fog. A fog possessed by the murderous ghosts of that same ill-fated clipper ship!

Weather Scenes - Twister-

Remember when a flying cow was the absolute pinnacle of modern movie special effects? And when "storm chaser" was an actual profession? We really miss the '90s sometimes…

Lightning crashes in The Passion of the Christ-

As if he didn't have to deal with enough abuse while starring as the oft-whipped Jesus Christ in this bloodbath, actor Jim Caviezel was struck by lightning during filming (but managed to avoid injury). We think it was God's way of saying, "I totally approve of what you guys are doing here! Smooches to Mel!"

Weather Scenes - The Weather Man-

Nobody saw this flick when it came out in 2005, so here's a recap: Nicolas Cage plays David Spritz, a miserable weatherman who often gets pelted with milk shakes by his fans. If "Nicolas Cage gets hit with milk shakes" isn't enough to convince you to put this on your Netflix queue, we don't know what else to say.

Weather Scenes - Groundhog Day-

It's every traveler's worst nightmare: getting stranded in one of the lamest towns in America by an unforeseen blizzard, finding yourself stuck in a time loop where you have to repeat the same day over and over again, and being forced to spend all eternity trying to bang Andie MacDowell. We get chills just thinking about it.

The mist in The Mist-

Director Frank Darabont has adapted two Stephen King stories into big-screen blockbusters (1994's The Shawshank Redemption and 1999's The Green Mile), and he'll try to make it three this November with an eerie tale about a cloud of mist that may contain creatures from another dimension. Sure it sounds a little silly, but so did Misery.

The solar eclipse in Little Shop of Horrors-

Bloodthirsty plant + sadistic dentist + Rick Moranis = movie musical magic. Little Shop gets cookin' when a mysterious "to-tal e-clipse of the sun!" beams the carnivorous Audrey 2 down to an outdoor market run by an offensive Asian stereotype named Chang. Hey, at least it didn't shrink the kids.

Craziest Movie Weather