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Daniel Craig Previews Quantum of Solace


The last time we saw James Bond, he was standing over the man responsible for the death of the woman he loved and holding an extremely large gun. “We start immediately after Casino Royale ended,” star Daniel Craig says of the latest Bond film, Quantum of Solace. Well, maybe not immediately. A solid 20 minutes have passed, enough time for Bond to find himself in the middle of a car chase. “I’m in the Aston Martin DBS, and they’ve used it beautifully,” Craig says. “It’s a great chase.” And it kicks off a film that has even more action and depth than its franchise rebooting predecessor.

For this, the 22nd Bond film, 007 must unravel the inner workings of a criminal organization known as Quantum—think of it as an updating of the classic league of Bond villains, SPECTRE. “He’s trying to find these guys who killed the woman he loves, so obviously he’s pissed off,” Craig says. “Everybody thinks Bond is now a loose cannon.”

The process of shooting the film left Craig with battle scars of his own. “I chopped off the end of my finger,” he says with typical 007 detachment. “But that’s really healed amazingly; there’s a postage stamp scar there. And I got eight stitches in my face from a kick. That was nothing really.”

Overseeing Craig’s ass whupping was Marc Forster, a director previously best known for arty dramas Monster’s Ball and Finding Neverland. His mission was to bring more emotion and psychological tension to the adrenaline-drenched spy series. “We wanted to make sure we didn’t just rehash Casino, because that would have been easy,” Craig says. “We could have said, ‘Well, that’s the blueprint. Let’s just do it again.’ But that wasn’t an option for anybody.”