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These lovely ladies stoked the hormones of every teenage boy in the '80s. Sadly, their popularity ended with Hammer pants.

<strong>1. Meredith Salenger</strong>-

Defining role: Lainie Diamond in Dream a Little Dream
Few women could come between the Corey Haim–Corey Feldman lovefest that dominated the movies of the late '80s, but Miss Salenger and her spandex took the challenge head-on. Meredith had it all—the looks, the brains (she graduated from Harvard in 1992), and some killer acting chops. Unfortunately, she's now about as recognizable as J.D. Salinger.

<strong>10. Leslie Easterbrook</strong>-

Defining role: Sgt. Debbie Callahan in Police Academy
Kim Cattrall may have been the female lead in Police Academy, but she was constantly upstaged by Leslie's gravity-defying badge-hangers. Looking like she had grain silos underneath her workout tee, the lovely-but-ass-kicking Ms. Easterbrook taught us to appreciate "tough love."

<strong>9. Lisa Eilbacher</strong>-

Defining role: Jenny Summers in Beverly Hills Cop
With a teased-out femme 'fro and shoulder pads that would force Dick Butkus up two jersey sizes, Lisa may have looked like your run-of-the-mill Beverly Hills diva. But don't forget, back in the day she apparently kicked it with amateur car thieves Axel Foley and Mikey Tandino. Somewhere before the red Mercedes and the Eurotrash manservants, she was a 'hood rat from the Detroit ghetto.

<strong>8. Kimberly Foster</strong>-

Defining role: Cookie Campbell in One Crazy Summer
"Cookie is a love story, Hoops." Those were the wise words spoken by Brother of Bill Murray; and man was he spot-on. Any woman who can down a leaf bag full of drive-in movie popcorn and still feel frisky is our kind of woman.

<strong>7. Julia Montgomery</strong>-

Defining role: Betty Childs in Revenge of the Nerds
The unattainable Aryan beauty sent to earth to tempt all the freaks, geeks, nose-pickers, social retards, and foreigners. Julia was all blonde-haired, blue-eyed perfection, whether dressing up in her boyfriend's football uniform, getting whip cream licked off her provocative 8x10, or finding out she does, indeed, have a little nerd in her.

<strong>6. Diane Franklin</strong>-

Defining role: Monique Junot in Better Off Dead
As impossibly cool French exchange student Monique, Diane was the kind of perky tomboy every guy fantasized about. Even if we looked more like Ricky Smith than we did Lane Meyer. It's not wise to upset mother.

<strong>5. Catherine Mary Stewart</strong>-

Defining role: Regina in Night of the Comet
Some argue that Catherine's defining role was as the girl who complicates matters for Jonathan Silverman and his life partner Andrew McCarthy in Weekend at Bernie's. But she was just "the girl" then. In Comet, she was an uzi-toting, video-game-mastering, zombie-slaughtering, end-of-the-world-scoffing über-girl. The kind you'd have absolutely no problem repopulating the world with.

<strong>4. Kelly LeBrock</strong>-

Defining role: Lisa in Weird Science
If computers in the '80s could actually have created living, breathing women, then A) We all would have created some variation on Kelly, and B) There would be no Microsoft or Apple. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates would be neck-deep in a harem that would make the sultan of Turkey look like you at an eighth grade dance.

<strong>3. Deborah Foreman</strong>- Defining role: Julie Richman in Valley Girl*
*Editor's Note: We have to include the role of "Julie" because it was an actual lead turn for Deborah, and the role for which she is probably most remembered. However, we have to qualify this entry by saying that, in fact, our loins burn for her entirely because of a two-minute cameo she made in Real Genius. "Can you hammer a six-inch spike through a board with your penis?" Those are the words by which legends are made.

<strong>2. Janet Jones</strong>- Defining role: Carla Samson in The Flamingo Kid
The '80s only required a couple of things of its leading ladies: feathered hair (preferably blonde), a sense of rich yuppie entitlement, and a body built for leotards. Before she dedicated her life to churning out Gretzkylings, Janet was a perfect on all three. She was exactly the kind of woman who strutted around exclusive beach clubs and had every mouth-breathing slob (read: Matt Dillon) drooling over her.

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