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The Book of Eli is only the latest Bible-brimming film to treat us to beautiful women, and we can testify that these ladies deserve praise...

Lisa Ray (<i>Water</i>)- If you haven't seen this 2005 Canadian film that deals with themes of karma and Ghandism (trust us, you haven't), then toss it on the NetFlix queue just to check out Lisa Ray. Born in Canada to an Indian father and Polish mother, this former model appears as a young woman forced into prostitution to support her ashram. It's pretty uplifting stuff, obviously.

Amy Adams (<i>Doubt</i>)-

Naive and suspicious nuns don't generally do all that much for us, but Amy Adams isn't your typical nun, either. Even when she's buttoned up and showing barely any of that milky white skin, we're still having impure thoughts. Quick! Someone get Philip Seymour Hoffman on screen!


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Demi Moore (<i>The Scarlet Letter</i>)-

Jose Canseco was at one time the most scandalous celeb to ever wear a giant A, but Demi Moore took over that dubious honor thanks to this notorious flop. Still, we would've paid far more attention to Nathaniel Hawthorne's classic (boring as shit) novel in high school if there been a bathing scene similar to the one Demo treated us to in the film.


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Mila Kunis (<i>The Book of Eli</i>)-

Mila appears in this weekend's The Book of Eli, under Denzel Washington's protection. We wouldn't cross the Bible-quoting Denzel to get to her, but should she be up for breaking a few Commandments, we are totally down.


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Monica Bellucci (<i>The Passion of the Christ</i>)-

Monica may not have been as glammed up in The Passion as much as she was in the Matrix flicks, but she could sleep in a barn for a month and still look great. Plus, her tender protrayal of Mary Magdalene made all of that flogging and crucifixion business a lot easier to handle.


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Anna Popplewell (<i>The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian</i>)-

Anna had come of age by the time she appeared in 2008's Prince Caspian as eldest sister Susan, and we can say without pause that we'd hop in a wardrobe with her anytime. To go to Narnia, of course! No other reason.


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Salma Hayek (<i>Dogma</i>)-

Director Kevin Smith might have been a little heavy-handed with the religious commentary he put forth in Dogma (we won't comment on Alanis Morissette as God), but including Salma as a stipper who shimmies to New Edition's "Candy Girl" was inspired casting, if you'll pardon the pun.


To see more photos of Salma, click here and here.

Jennifer Aniston (<i>Bruce Almighty</i>)-

Bruce Almighty had a couple of saving graces; distinguished, awesome actor Morgan Freeman playing God, the appearance of Catherine Bell (oh, we'll get to her), and Jen feeling herself up and asking Jim Carrey as to whether or not her boobs had gotten bigger.

To see more photos of Jennifer, click here and here.

Catherine Bell (<i>Bruce Almighty</i>)-

After seeing the sultry Catherine put the moves on Bruce, we felt pretty stupid for ignoring all of those episodes of JAG that our grandparents refused to turn off. But we'd gladly throw our journalistic integrity out the window to share a broadcast with sexy anchor Susan Ortega.


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Audrey Tautou (<i>The Da Vinci Code</i>)-

She may not be a sex kitten like fellow Frenchie Brigitte Bardot, but the ridiculously cute Audrey turned our heads in Amelie (c'mon, who didn't wanna marry her after that movie?) and truly showed her range while keeping a straight face when acting alongside Tom Hanks' ridiculous hair in The Da Vinci Code.


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Mandy Moore (<i>Saved!</i>)-

Mandy played a sweet little Bible thumper in A Walk to Remember, but it was her nutso turn as a Fundamentalist Christian high schooler in Saved! that showed us the pop princess' wild side. For God's sake, don't let her behind the wheel of a van! (Literally.)


To see more photos of Mandy, click here and here.

Eva Amurri (<i>Saved!</i>)-

The daughter of Susan Sarandon and some Italian filmmaker, Eva inherited her mother's doe eyes and impressive rack. (Hey, we have to be honest in a religion-themed slideshow.) Appearing in Saved! as a hell-raising, goth-loving Jewish girl confined to a Christian school, she provided a nice flipside to Mandy Moore's clean-cut purity.


To see more photos of Eva, click here.

Ayelet Zurer (<i>Angels & Demons</i>)-

Taking over for Audrey Tautou in the Robert Langdon films' "exotic beauty" department, the Israeli-born Ayelet (a massive star in her native land) somehow made the role of "antimatter scientist who must help stop a terrorist plot" entirely plausible. Or maybe we were just distracted by her hair. Take yer pick.


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Julia Stiles (<i>The Omen</i>)-

Playing "mother to demon child" is a rather thankless role, but Julia still managed to shine in a movie about a kid who looks scary, plays noisy video games and drives monkeys crazy. And by "shine," we mean look hot while getting knocked over a balcony and killed by Mia Farrow. (Oops...spoiler alert?)


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Vera Farmiga (<i>The Boy in the Striped Pajamas</i>)-

Before she made George Clooney her personal booty call in Up in the Air, Vera played quite possibly the only Nazi supporter we couldn't bring ourselves to completely hate, playing the wife of an SS officer and mother to a son who befriends a Jewish boy.


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