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Juwanna Mann

Release Date: 
Star Rating: 
1 out of 10
If you just take a second to ponder the conceit behind Juwanna Mann (man tries to pass himself off as a woman, set against the backdrop of pro basketball), you can probably write all of the jokes yourself without even seeing it. Everything in this movie is so thuddingly obvious that, by the end, the audience we saw it with was reciting lines of dialogue before the characters even said them.

As much as Warner Bros. will try to convince you that Miguel A. Nuñez, Jr. is the next Jamie Foxx (he appears in Scooby-Doo, and now this—he must have some compromising photos of someone over there), he’s as forgettable as everything else in this lame In Living Color skit gone wild. Be prepared for ball puns and period jokes aplenty, and you haven’t heard this many penis references since Elton John’s birthday party. Unless you’re a diehard Kevin Pollack fan, you’d do well to forget all about this.