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Lords of Dogtown

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Star Rating: 
10 out of 10
Before the multimillion-dollar endorsement deals, eponymous video games, and ESPN-sponsored international competitions, skateboarders were just off-duty surf rats who ditched school to hang 10 on concrete and scour backyards for empty pools. Lords of Dogtown takes you back to the glory days of Venice, California in the 1970s, when the Zephyr skate shop was ground zero for the growing sport and home base of the Z-Boys—the legendary Bad News Bears crew of OG skaters that included Stacy Peralta (who wrote the movie), Tony Alva, and Jay Adams. Johnny Knoxville makes a glorified cameo at the end of the movie, but with his bathroom-tile-sized teeth and “Dude, I’m baked” delivery, Heath Ledger steals the show as Skip Engblom, the hard-drinkin’ burnout who mentors the Z-Boys only to watch ’em haul ass for better-paved pastures. Even if you’re more ’bater than skater, the rad board work alone makes Dogtown worth visiting.