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You might be surprised at how often jizz has made its way onto the big screen. Check out this already impressive body of work…

<strong>9. Grandma's Boy</strong>- 9. Grandma's Boy
Allen Covert's Alex just wanted a little "alone time" with a Lara Croft doll in his best friend's bathroom. Can you blame him? So it's really his friend's mom's fault for not knocking on the door before barging in. She only has herself to blame for the splooge that ended up on her nightgown.

7. <strong>Scary Movie</strong>- 7. Scary Movie
A teenage boy's pent-up pellet sack is more dangerous than a serial killer. Or even a fake one in this case. After finally getting into the heroines' undies, the token boyfriend erupts into a geyser that pins her to the ceiling and drains him of his life essence.

5. <strong>National Lampoon's Van Wilder</strong>- 5. National Lampoon's Van Wilder
Luckily, this movie reaffirmed our belief that no man should ever eat an eclair—not only is it the feyest pastry in the world, it might also be loaded with bulldog spunk. Revenge has never tasted so sweet. And salty.

4. <strong>American Pie</strong>- 4. American Pie
We're not sure which side of the "tastes great/less filling" debate Stifler falls on, but we do know that those Miller Lite "Man Law" guys need to stop staring at Burt Reynolds' plastic surgery and pass an amendment prohibiting the mixing of cum and beer.

8. <strong>Freddy Got Fingered</strong>- 8. Freddy Got Fingered
Either Rip Torn was never given the entire script to Freddy Got Fingered, or he has truly stopped caring. Most of us would have gotten to the page that read "Tom Green points an elephant penis at you and sprays you down like a firehose" and quit on the spot.

3. <strong>Kingpin</strong>- 3. Kingpin
Woody Harrelson tries to interest the Amish in "cumstaches" after milking…a bull. It may not have the calcium of cow's milk, but you can't beat it as a source for protein.

2. <strong>Jackass Number Two</strong>- 2. Jackass Number Two
It was the moment when even Chris Pontius himself had to admit to being "really ashamed" of himself. Guzzling horse semen is just wrong…unless it's in a bar in Mexico and you're not onstage.

1. <strong>There's Something About Mary</strong>- 1. There's Something About Mary
This was the moment when semen went mainstream. Attaching yourself to a big name star is always a good career move, so when a handful of Ben Stiller's tadpoles found their way onto his ear and then into Cameron Diaz's hair, the rest was history.

6. <strong>Me, Myself, & Irene</strong>- 6. Me, Myself, & Irene
OK, so it's not technically a semen spotlight, but when Jim Carrey's Charlie wakes up from a night spent as alter ego Hank, he gets a big clue as to what his aggro-side had been up to: His post-sex penis starts spraying like a blind kid with a garden hose.

Man Juice at the Movies