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So you're gearing up for a weekend spent in the dark with your girl—before you load up that NetFlix queue or get online at Blockbuster, you need to have a solid, foolproof game plan.

That's where we come in.

Allow us to present our weekly DVD-siac Movie Three-Pack, a collection of recent releases and old favorites that we guarantee will get you lucky this weekend, in one way or another.

Plan A: Show your sensitive side…within reason. Grab a "chick flick" that at least has some redeeming value so that you can stay awake along enough for her to reward your gallant show of sensitivity. This week, we recommend:


The Last Days of Disco
Imagine if Gossip Girl were written by someone who could actually write, and acted by people who could actually act. King of the yuppie talkfests Whit Stillman presents another portrait of privileged young things in 1980s New York, but you'll appreciate the sandpaper-dry sense of humor and the purty cast.

Plan B: She has a headache, she has to get up early, her football injury is acting up—in short, you're looking at a dry night ahead. But, hey, you still want to spend some time together, so forgo the romance and put something that leans a little more on the "guy" side without leaving her in the cold. This week, we recommend:


A guy flick on paper (corporate spies screw each other over), Duplicity really plays out like a Bourne movie if it intended to be a Rom-Com instead of a spy thriller. Julia Roberts and Clive Owen handle the crackling dialogue, and you'll both appreciate the mix of intrigue and romance.

Plan C: That yawn means, "I'm getting some beauty rest, so why don't you put that diving rod of yours on ice and watch something without me?" The downside: No sex. The upside: You can watch the movie you really wanted to watch, her feelings or interest level be damned. This week, we recommend:


An under-the-radar horror flick, Frayed doesn't reinvent the genre, but it does follow the steps better than the recent slate of half-assed remakes we're being force-fed. It's your typical "guy in mask" slasher, but you'll dig the movie's genuine jolts and brutal kills.